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LED Truss.jpg
LED Truss
(The Truss Game)

Let it Shine !

This Sample is a small extract taken from "The Truss Game".

Check it out !

2-Bar Truss.jpg
2-Bar Truss

We use a simplified form of photogrammetry  to perform measurements of the elongation (or contraction) of the internally sprung Truss members/bars

SF+BM in a Carbon Fibre Beam

The SFD & BMD for this beam are obtained via its experimentally-derived deflected shapes. This Sample case is for a SS beam subject to a central point load.

2d ep image.jpg
2-D Equilibrium of a SS Bar

Reactions of a SS rod from 2D loading - a couple and vertical/ inclined point forces - are obtained experimentally and verified analytically. 

Buckling of a Fixed-Pinned Column

The buckling shape of a uniform linear elastic column with one end pinned and the other clamped (fixed) has been determined experimentally as shown.

2 story sway.PNG
2-Storey Pluck-Test

An investigation was performed on the acceleration response data obtained using the Vibration App on an iPhone6 located on top of a 2-storey sway frame model 

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