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This site provides access via annual subscription to an evolving repository of PPT lessons in a large range of Engineering topics. It features video clips, photographs & supporting material to assist subscribing Universities with developing their own on-line delivery of courses in the subjects: Statics, Mechanics & Dynamics in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Content is largely drawn from video capture of a range of hands-on performed experiments (and results therefrom) using the TechnoLab experiential learning platform. The material is intended to provide experiment-based evidence of the lesson at hand, thus enhancing credibility of the theory treated in the lesson. Universities can edit/extract contents of the PPT files to suit their own "personalised" mode of delivery and method of access eg via their on-line Learning and Management System, or through live web-casts to their students, (for their personal educational use only).

There are four thematic Modules of this repository of PPT files of evidence-

based video clips and supporting material of experiments available from this site. These are: Statics (largely revolves around force equilibrium in 2-D and includes pin-jointed Trusses) and Mechanics of Solids/Materials/Structures (largely revolves around Flexure of beams and simple portal frames; Column Buckling (Basic Treatment); and Structural Dynamics (SDOF and MDOFsystems)

A "Lead" PPT compilation of a fully-developed treatment of the performance with results of a chosen lesson-focused TechnoLab™ experiment in a given topic, "kicks off" the particular experiment series within each module. This is then followed by from several to a large number of variants to this "Lead" (eg for different load types (point, distributed, couple) levels of loads, positioning of loads & combinations to provide several options from which to choose - a few or as many as desired.

Academics can include this material in their on-line delivery, incorporate it within Practice Class/Tutorials, or adopt it as items of student assessment/examination.



A few samples are offered free to download from here. 
These examples are broadly representative of the material in our web-site repository captured by photo/videography from a large number of hands-on performed TechnoLab™ experiments in Statics, Mechanics of Solids/Materials/Structures and Dynamics together with their results.

Included Experiments

Click below to download a PowerPoint presentation with a list of the available experiments.

Access to the full experiment range within Modules will depend upon which level subscription plan is purchased.

This list of experiments is always expanding. Stay tuned for new entries.

  • What is ?
    A Repository of MS-PowerPoint (PPT) Assembled Photo/Video-graphed Hands-on Experiments suitable for inclusion in the on-line delivery of many Engineering Courses by subscribing Universities.
  • What Material does “Cover”?
    The PPT presentations are “grouped” into four modules of thematic material: (1) Statics; (2) Mechanics of Solids/Materials/Structures; (3) Column Stability; (4) Structural Dynamics
  • How is “Structured”?
    Topics within each Module of M-L are largely presented over Three Tier levels of detail treatment within PPT files: i) “Complete” – suitable as a “stand-alone” Lecture with Featured Experimental evidence ii) “Intermediate” – suitable as Featured Experimental Evidence to include within Lecturer’s own Lecture material iii) “Minimal” – Suitable as exercises in Practice Class/Tutorials

"We have the learning material you need"

- Nicholas Haritos

Engineer and Educator

Nicholas Haritos

Engineer: Nicholas Haritos is a Civil/Structural Engineer with particular expertise in the modelling and analysis of offshore structural systems to the effect of environmental dynamic loading (from wind, waves and earthquakes), and on the loading induced by pedestrians and forklifts eg. pedestrian bridges and floor systems. Nicholas has consulted widely to industry, government and semi-government instrumentalities.

Educator: Nicholas has spent over 45 years in Academia - (since 1974: The University of Melbourne; since 2011: Swinburne University of Technology), and acted as a presenter/co-presenter in specialist professional short courses in Australia, New Zealeand and  Italy.

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